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I have written 8 books on the history of Arnold and the villages all in the

Snippets from History Series

Bob Massey Books 

Snippets from History series 

Vols 1 to 4 Arnold, Mapperley and the Villages: Four volumes containing short articles taken from the history of Arnold, Mapperley and the local villages. Books to dip into.

 £4.95p each 

Vol 5  The People and the Park : the story of Arnot Hill Park Arnold from its earliest beginnings the 17th century and the people who lived  on and owned the estate over the years up to the first world war..

£5.95p each 

Vol 6  Arnot Hill Auxiliary Hospital: the story of Arnot Hill House and park during the first world war as a VAD red cross hospital, treating wounded soldiers.

£4.95p each 

Vol 7  A family of Education and Architecture: the story of the Higginbottoms of Arnold and their country wide impact on buildings, architecture and education in the 19th and early 20th century.

 £5.95p each 

Vol 8  Death in a Barrel: the story of the mysterious death of William Smith Tanner in Mapperley in 1888.

 £4.95p each 

Snippets from History special  The Traditions of Christmas: the origins of some of our seasonal customs 

 £3 each

Posting and package extra 

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The volume 7  of the book

Snippets from History

A Family of

Education and Architecture

I have now published three books on the history of Mapperley,  Arnold  and the villages. Volume 1 ,2 , 3 and these together with my two books on Arnot Hill Park Vol 5 & 6 are now available from the below book shops . 

Please email for further details.

Just been to MSR in Arnold to purchase a copy of "A Family of Education and Architecture" by Bob Massey. The first chapter is very interesting laying the roots of the family down. Thankfully the book appears to be very well written, informative while also interesting. 

I love the new book a Family of Education and Architecture Bob, its brilliant - well done!  I am thoroughly enjoying reading it.

 Lynne Gadd

Nick Salt

Spotted Arnold

This new book A family of education and Architecture from historian Bob Massey is worth picking up if you're a fan of local history:

Gedling Eye

Historian Bob Massey releases new book on ‘hero’ architect from Arnold who created some of the borough’s most iconic buildings

Historian Bob Massey has just released his latest book covering the life and works of one of Nottingham’s most celebrated architects who created some of the borough’s most iconic buildings.

‘The Family of Educators and Architects: Higginbottom Story” was published earlier this week and tells the story of William Higginbottom, who moved to Arnold in infancy and went on to create a number of the buildings we still know and love today.

 Copies are £4.95 each except vol 5 & 7 which are £5.95. They are available from myself or

Floralands Catfoot Lane Mapperley

Five Leaves Bookshop Long Row Nottingham

MSR Newsagents Front Str Arnold

The Bookcase Main Street lowdham 

NG Magazines offices Stanhope Crescent Arnold.

or Ebay

Comments on new volume 7

Comments on volume one from Nottingham post shown below

Three further books are in preparation

check the News and Events section for details 

19th century tale of loose tiger among stories in new book on local history of Arnold and Mapperley

By BenIreland  |  Nottingham Post Posted: December 14, 2015

The tale of a tiger that prowled the streets and woods of Mapperley is among a series of local stories catalogued in a new book by an Arnold historian.

Bob Massey, of Worrall Avenue, has been writing articles for NG3, NG5 and NG14 magazines since 2007 and has now compiled them into a local history book.

The first volume of Snippets From History focuses on the Arnold and Mapperley areas.

One of the stories is about the 'tiger' that broke loose from the cage of a travelling show in the area in 1827 and was unsuccessfully tracked down by local farmers.

Mr Massey told the Post: "The farmers managed to corner the tiger, although judging by the newspaper reports it was probably a European lynx, to a barn.

"They sent the dog in to try and capture it but they never saw it again. They went back in the morning and it had escaped into Mapperley Woods. After that there were reports of sheep being devoured."

The Mapperley tiger is among the tales told by Mr Massey, a retired theatre consultant, 68, along with research on local pubs, individuals and landmarks such as Arnot Hill Park and Mansfield Road.

"Most of the ideas came from newspaper reports but I've gone and done the historical research to back them up," explained Mr Massey.

"It was challenging to put them into any order because the material has come from so many separate articles of around 500 words each.

"I'm hoping there will be more volumes of the book, covering different areas, in the future."

Mr Massey helped Arnold pub the Robin Hood and Little John research its history before its re-launch in August 2014.

Landlord Mark Swain said: "If it's written by Bob and based on Arnold I'm sure it will be a very interesting read. He's very thorough, very passionate and very accurate. 

"I'm led to believe, through Bob's research, that years and years ago there was cock fighting in the cellars below the pub. Not many people would know that if it wasn't for Bob."

Andy McKinnon, vice chairman of the Arnold Local History Group, said: "I had been nagging him to put it into a book for a couple of years. Nobody knows more about the history of Arnold than Bob Massey."


bob massey

25.04.2021 08:54

My books are available from my self or the Bookcase main str Lowdham Nottingham

Louise Barber

25.04.2021 07:33

Hi Bob, Please where can I buy your books? They are currently unavailable on Amazon. Kind regards

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