Bob Talking about Tricks of light and Colour

Some Comments on recent talks give by Bob











Thank you for your usual entertaining and informative talk "up the Flu" 

Jill Haywood Oakwood Fellowship


Hi Bob

Many thanks for your fascinating talk to Allestree Local Studies last week. We all enjoyed the talk and looking at all those interesting objects that you brought along.

Thanks again,

Matthew Pitt

Chairman, ALSG




Mr Massey


on behalf of our members, i would like to thank you for a very entertaining and fascinating evening explaining how we can be fooled by light and colour. The members all said how much they enjoyed your visit, and look forward to future talks from you. I will contact you later in the year. Once again many thanks

Yours faithfully


 Mr P G Castell


SecretaryGrobyVillage Society.




Dear Bob,


A wee note to send you a BIG 'Thank you' for your visit to us yesterday and your presentation which was very much appreciated by our members.  Thank you for not only making it an entertaining but also educational time for us all, recapturing some strong positive memories but also tracing for us the changes in our culture which many fear is not necessarily as 'progressive' as it made out to be, by those who oversee them!!


Hope you had an easy trip home and we send you our best wishes with our grateful thanks.


Richard Morrison


Speaker Finder


Bourne U3A 


Hi Bob,

Just a quick email to thank you for giving us your Murder, Mystery and Mayhem talk today. It was packed with fascinating information and has certainly taught us to put things in context when looking back in time. The group thoroughly enjoyed the talk, and we all learned a lot. We look forward to hearing more of your talks in the future.

Thanks again.


Graham Palmer

Carlton & Gedling U3A Local History group


Hi Bob


Thanks for coming to the Take a Breath group on Tuesday and you for your particularly gruesome talk Murder Mystery and Mayhem.  The members of the office were surprised to hear that there had been cannibalism in Nottingham too!


Best wishes


Rebecca Archibald

Respiratory Wellbeing Project Worker


Thank you so much for your talk Nottingham on Sea the story of Skegness last Tuesday. It was enjoyed by all those present! 

I wondered if you'd now be able to give us your talk 'Gone but not forgotten

Best wishes 

Lynne Black  

East Bridgford Local History Group



Hello again Bob, 

We enjoyed your talk Tricks of Light so much earlier this year that we would like you to come and entertain us again if you are available, This time we are thinking of 'Stimulating the senses' as this sounds like something completely different. 

Joy This

Cotgrave W I 


 Dear Mr Massey,

After your talk to our club last week, our secretary Jaqueline Churchill spoke to you about further talks. We all thoroughly enjoyed Are you sitting comfortably reminiscing about programmes we watched in our "younger years".


Carole Brown Group Treasurer

Attenborough and Chilwell Women's Club


Dear Mr Massey

Many thanks, on behalf of the Nuthall and District History

Society, for once again agreeing to be our guest speaker this time on

 the subject of “Nottingham by the Sea.

The topic has a fascinating ring to it and we are sure it will delight our audience. Needless to say, we have thoroughly enjoyed your two previous visits.

We look forward to your talk and send you renewed thanks and good wishes.

Yours sincerely



Dear Bob,

On behalf of the Mansfield Bellamy Branch, I would like to thank you once again for your talk on Monday 8th May at Tuxford Court.  We all found it very interesting as I am sure you appreciated the reaction on the night.

We would like to see you again next year The topic we would like to hear is The Mary Celeste. 

 Ian Pearce

Mansfield Bellamy Branch


Evening Bob, 

Hope you had a smooth journey back to Arnold after your presentation to our U3A members in ForestTown .

Thank you SO much for the lively, engaging and really interesting facts you gave us in your talk Murder Mystery and Mayhem, about events and punishments from the past and it was good that you were able to put them into the context of their day.  

Several members spoke to me after the meeting to comment how much they had 'enjoyed' your talk (if you can say you 'enjoy' hearing about murder/punishment/photos of the dead!). They especially appreciated those aspects that referred to areas of Nottinghamshire. I'm sure we all said to ourselves at some point during your delivery ...

'well....I never knew THAT'! 

Again many thanks 


Susan Wright

ForestTown & District U3A


Dear Bob

on behalf of the girls  I thank you sincerely for Are you sitting comfortably, a most entertaining and informative evening. The sense of nostalgia was a little to close for comfort.  I will read through your programme and hope to see you again soon

best wishes


Winshill ladies group



Thank you so much for your excellent talk on the Titanic last Wednesday. I’m sure you could tell from the discussion how much the members appreciated it. 

Thanks again and best wishes. 


Ruddington and District Probus Club 


Hi Bob 

Thanks for your enjoyable talk on the Wakes of Arnold , we all enjoyed it.  It is a shame we are still a small group but from little acorns etc...

Kind regards 

Rebecca Archibald 

Respiratory Wellbeing Project Worker 

Rushcliffe Community & Voluntary Service,


Thank you for last night, we loved it. 

Can we book you again for oct, poss 5th or 11th for a talk on Goose fair please? 

Thanks again, for a great evening. 

Hazel Southgate. 

Beech court manager. 


Hello again Bob,

 We enjoyed your talk so much earlier this year that we would like you to come and entertain us again if you are available, This time we are thinking of 'Stimulating the senses' as this sounds like something completely different. 

Joy Thiss 

Hello Bob, 

After your last two talks on Music Hall and Variety at War I  would like  to invite  you back  to  Millbeck  House to  give our residents another one of your very interesting talks.                                                 



 Jan    (activities co-ordinator)


Dear Bob 

Yesterday I was at the Lowdham Book Festival and listened to your talk and how enjoyable it was too. thanking for the interesting talk. 

Best Wishes 

Angie Keyworth


Good morning Mr Massey 

Thank you for a very interesting talk to our group last night. Everyone enjoyed it.  Would that all our speakers were so organised in their presentation and so knowledgeable and entertaining. 

I hope your journey home wasn't too icy. 

Regards Liz Smith

Long Bennington History Society


Mr Massey
on behalf of our members I would like to thank you for sharing your research into the life of Violet Jessop with us. Those I have spoken to have all said how much they enjoyed the presentation, she had an amazing life. I find the lives of people like that far more interesting than the usual historic figures. Once again many thanks and we look forward to your return visit next year
P G Castell
Groby Village Society
Hi Bob
on behalf of the ladies of Bingham WI I would like to thank you for an entertaining afternoon of murder mystery and mayhem ,the gruesome facts make us realize how lucky we are to live in the 21st century especially as we are members of the fairer sex.
Thanks once again
Dear Bob,
Yes, we are after you once again!!  It comes with being such an interesting and popular speaker!
Any hope that you might have a slot in your busy schedule.    We would love to hear your "Nottingham-on-Sea" the story of Skegness, where surely all of us over 21 have been many times!!
We haven't forgotten we shall have the pleasure of your company next month! Kind regards,
Julia Hibbitt (for Lenton Local History Society)


Hi Bob

Sorry I didn't get chance to speak to you this evening but thank you for one of the most enjoyable presentations I have attended for a long time!  Hilary and I were giggling at things we'd used as children and found your film clips - even those of 2.1 seconds - fascinating.  It was brilliant!  Thank you.  And we reminisced about things as I drove home, too.

Again, thank you so very much for a most enjoyable evening of Victorian Optical Toys - and no doubt some went home thinking about what their ancestors did in any leisure time they got!






Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting afternoon on Glenn Miller. As a keen dancer, I have always loved the Big Band Sound.

Best Wishes

Jill Haywood

Oakwood Fellowship





Just a quick line to say thanks for last night's absolutely fascinating presentation. Will be calling on you again when I prepare the next season.


Anyway thanks again Bob


Steve Flinders

Ilkeston Local History Group



Dear Bob

Thank you so much for yesterday's talk - it was wonderful but the sell-out audience did demonstrate some of the drawbacks of our room!

All of the comments about the content, presentation and delivery were very favourable and there was a lovely feeling in the room with people sharing their memories.

Wishing you all the best with future talks,

Thank you

Alison Hirst
Principal Librarian Local Studies based at Mapperley Library

Libraries, Archives, Information and Learning
Nottinghamshire County Council



the Thoroton Society

The Christmas Lecture,

Animated Photographs And Living Pictures: The Beginnings Of Cinema In Nottinghamshire. Bob Massey


Bob Massey has a great interest in matters theatrical and is an avid collector of early films. Bob was, therefore, very well qualified to introduce the room full of members and guests to the joys of moving film at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Bob explained that the earliest moving picture shows were given in mobile units owned and operated by the showmen who travelled the country's fairgrounds with large shows and exhibitions. Moving film, known at that time as animated photographs, was initially a small part of the entertainment provided by such showmen as William Randall, Pat Collins, George Green, President Keen, William Haggar, George Biddell, Jack Proctor and the Chipperfields, most of whom were millionaires from their show activities.

There was much more that Bob could have explained to us given more time so, perhaps, we shall invite him back at a future date. It was fascinating to see such early movies, to learn about how they were shown by the showmen of the time and to learn that Goose Fair in Nottingham's Market Place was where they were first seen by the public in this country. Bob's talk was an excellent one for our Christmas Lecture and greatly enjoyed by the 80 or so members present.

Howard Fisher


Dear Bob,

The discussion following your talk last Wednesday must have indicated how much it was appreciated by all those present. Thank you so much for such an interesting presentation which everyone enjoyed very much.

Several members indicated that they would like to hear Part 2, so I shall be in touch to arrange a date before too long.

Thank you again and best wishes.

Jollyon Smith

Ruddington and District Probus Club


When John Holloway of Aston on Trent History Society was looking for a speaker for their July meeting, I immediately thought of Bob Massey from Arnold. Why? because Bob is a real film enthusiast and has built up a large collection of film about Arnold. Bob talked about the importance of archive film as a valuable historical record. He showed clips of film and photographs from his vast collection of Arnold and how it has changed dramatically over the years –A good crowd turned up for the evening of history on film. Aston has a well attended series of meetings throughout the year. The original films  have now been deposited with the MACE archive for safe keeping and preservation.


Kay Ogilvie at MACE, Senior Curator Full Circle project


Hi Bob,

It’s Francine from NG Magazines. I passed your details onto Richard Bonington School about doing a little talk on the history of the site.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU Very much for doing that. My daughter is in that class and found it very interesting.

Many thanks.

Francine Leary
(Sales | NG Magazines)


Dear Mr Massey

You gave a talk to the Awsworth & Cossall History Society in January on the Music Hall on Film and we would like the second part. 


June Morley


Dear Bob

Thank you very much for your interesting, informative talk on the History of Music Hall. The feedback from members was very positive and I think your editing of material to include so much old film footage is commendable. It's obviously something about which you have a passion. I hope, on a future occasion we will be able to hear another of you talks.

Best Wishes from Ruth Hooper

(on behalf of Woodborough Ladies)


Dear Bob - I write with the sincere thanks of Chauntry Group members, who found your talk on the Luddites most interesting.   What a pity you had to cut your talk short, mainly due, I'm afraid, to the late arrivals of several members.. I do apologise on their behalf

Thank you again and all good wishes - Kirsty Adlard



from Morven at Cuckney Norton History Soc
hello Bob
 many thanks for your talk on "Violet Jessop", it went down well with everybody
can you do 2 more dates
Talks we are looking at, if you can do two, are NOTTINGHAM  ON SEA and HOUDINI HIGHWAYMAN.



thanks for a very interesting talk and we hope to see you again

The Good Shepherd Friendship club



Dear Bob

On behalf of the society I would like to thank you for such an interesting look at Skegness on Monday evening. I think that we all learnt a lot of things about a place that we have all been to at some point in our lives! It was really interesting to look at some of the old photos.

I must apologise for not saying goodbye when you left as I did not see you go. Please accept my apologies.

Many Thanks

Kay Winfield


Lambley Historical Society



Hi Bob,  On behalf of the Bleasby Historic Society, I wish to thank you , for a wonderful "rendition", on Tues 27th OCT.

Once again MANY THANKS.  Regards Bill Morris


Thank you for a very a very entertaining and informative afternoon.

Jill Hayward

Oakwood Fellowship


Dear Bob

Thank you very much for your most entertaining and enlightening talk on Tuesday.  It was very well received.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Rachel White
Group Leader

Burton Joyce Senior Citizens' Club

Dear Bob Massey

I really enjoyed your visit hope you can come again to teach me some thing else about history I don't know. I learnt that Arnold was so different to what it is now. Is it fun being a historian because that's what I'm going to be when I'm older

your sincerely

D O'Hanlon

pupil Arnbrook Primary Sch



Hello Bob

I am working on our 2016/17 programme and wonder if you would be interested in giving us another of you talks please .

Our members thoroughly enjoyed you talk on the Home Brewery .

Kind regards .

Tony Wright ,

Speaker finder

Nottingham City Probus


Dear Bob,
On behalf of Radcliffe on Trent U3A I would like to thank you for giving us your talk on 'nursery rhymes' on January 7th.It was such an eye opener and so interesting to hear the origin and meaning of so many of our well loved nursery rhymes.Many members have said to me that it was such a surprise to hear the history and often quite a grizzly history of these rhymes.I'm sure that as parents and grandparents we will look with new eyes on the rhymes we tell to and read to our children and grandchildren.
Again many thanks .
Best wishes,
Anne Spencer.
R.O.T.Speaker finder.

Dear Bob

Sorry it's taken so long to write.   I must say how much I enjoyed your Law & Order talk the other week at Bingham History Group.  I found it very informative and it was quite a surprise to realise that Nottingham was so much in the forefront of the Police Force.

Best regards

Pat Hodson


Dear Bob,

Thank you so much, the talk was both interesting and informative and everone enjoyed it.

Your sincerely

Kate Jackson


Hucknall Snr Forum


Dear Bob

on behalf of Raveshead U3A may I thank you for entertaining us with your talk about the history of Skegness we all enjoyed it very much.

best wishes

Lesley Green

Vice Chairman.

Secretary Hucknall Snr Forum


Hello Bob

Sorry for not writing to you earlier but I have been away.  Many of our members have said how much they enjoyed your talk about the Goose Fair and I was hoping you may be able to return early next year with part 2 of the talk about the fair. Are you free on either January 19 or February 16? 

I will look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Pat Downing

Carlton & Gedling U3A