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Bob teaching a course on Local History


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courses have been organised on subjects of local and national history interest as well as Technical theatre subjects for groups, organisations , universities, colleges and  local authorities around the country too numerous to list.

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Walks and Talks

Local history walks around Arnold

Industrial Arnold: a walk looking at the start of the industrial revolution

The Arnold Village to Town: Walk around Arnold town centre

Murder Mystery and Mayhem  in Arnold: walk around Arnold town centre

The History of Arnot Hill Park: walk around Arnot Hill parks history

The Pubs of Arnold: walk looking at the history of Arnolds pubs and clubs

Talks carried out in a Pub 

Tales of Highwaymen,

Tales of Mayhem and Murder.

Redhill Robbery, Riots and Residence 

Comments on recent walks


Hi Bob - we really enjoyed last evening's talk and walk.We were so pleased that so many people turned up.  We heard many positive comments about the evening at the end - you must be really pleased with the way it went.


Here's to the next one!! 


Best wishes,


Christine Edwards


Arnold Local History Group




Thank u for the fabulous murder mystery and mayhem  talk and walk tonight Bob - loved it.


Kind regards,


Jane Chadburn


Arnold  History Course






Reprinted from the Nottingham Post


Murder walk was fascinating


I saw advertised a murder mystery walk in Arnold on  October 30.


I went along not expecting many others to be interested but as it was a fine night and it was free, I thought I'd give it a go.


When I arrived at the Robin Hood in Arnold, the starting point, I was surprised to find


that I had been joined by more than 100 other people.


The walk was led by Bob Massey, a local historian who coped very well with the large numbers and provided a fascinating incite into Arnold's somewhat murky past.


A lady had a few of Bob's books, which were very soon sold out. I did not manage to


get one but was told they were stocked by MSR News so went straight round the next


day and bought some volumes. The stories on the walk and in the books were




Thanks to everyone involved for a great night.









Bob on a local history walk